The kitchen is at the heart of every home and the room in which you spend most of your time. Why not have the kitchen of your dreams? A new and improved well-designed kitchen can give you years of satisfaction and add value to your home. Our goal is to remodel your kitchen to meet your personal needs for function and beauty. Using your ideas about kitchen remodeling to enhance the overall look of your home will help All Star Construction build the home of your dreams.

Whether it’s a major renovation or cosmetic changes like new countertops, cabinet fronts, , fixtures, and hardware, a new kitchen can yield more than a 70% return on your investment when you sell. You can change the entire appearance of your kitchen by simply adding fixtures, upgrading cabinets, replacing updated countertops, and installing new flooring or a kitchen sink. It’s no secret that a newly remodeled kitchen attracts homebuyers.

Upgrading your kitchen can update its appearance, improve its purpose, and give it the space you need to make it more comfortable to work in. Most homeowners prefer the open layout kitchen design with kitchen islands, extra storage space, and functionality. Don’t forget that the size of the kitchen has to accommodate the size of the family.

Upgrading your kitchen will make your kitchen safer and more energy efficient. You can also make your kitchen more open and inviting by adding a sky to give your home more natural .

All Star Construction understands that a kitchen remodeling project can be overwhelming. We’ll help you choose from endless possibilities of fixtures, styles, layouts, designs, accessories, and more to give you the kitchen you need and deserve.

That’s why we walk you through every step of the process and offer advice to help you with:

  • Adding an Island or Eating Space
  • Updating Countertops and Backsplashes
  • Designing Cabinets and Drawer Placement
  • Installing New Flooring

With almost 40 years in the design and build industry, All Star Construction has completed thousands of projects and satisfied thousands of customers. In this section, you will find a sample of before and after pictures of some of those projects.