Top 3 Ways to Add Space Through a Bathroom Remodel

Are you feeling cramped in your home and don’t know where to start? Did you know that there are ways to add space in your bathroom through a remodel? Since your bathroom is probably the smallest room in your home, it might be difficult, but not impossible to add extra space. You don’t have to do an extensive renovation to get the additional room you need.
Every standard bathroom includes a sink, tub, and toilet; however, if you prefer more features, you can reconfigure areas of your bathroom to increase space. The best part is that a bathroom remodel can add space, but will also boost the value of your home.

Allstar Construction - Top 2 ways to Add space through a bathroom remodel

What homeowner doesn’t want a spacious, luxurious bathroom? No matter the size, more than likely your bathroom has underutilized areas that can be converted to add additional storage space. Through clever design ideas from a design/build contractor such as All Star Construction, Inc, even tight spaces in your bathroom can be made efficient.

Here are the top 3 bathroom remodeling tips that will add space:

1. Replace cabinets with space-saving drawers

Replace cabinets with space-saving drawers - Allstar Construction Inc.
If you need to get organized and need more space in your bathroom, cabinet drawer organizers may be the answer. Pullout trays, drawer cabinets, and basket-type organizers are trendy and handy. They can even be designed to include dividers to make it easier to organize bathroom accessories. Replacing cabinets with drawers maximizes the use of your space while helping to keep your bathroom clean, neat, organized, and clutter-free.


2. Replace bathtub with a standing shower

Replace bathtub with a standing shower - Allstar Construction Inc.

It’s no secret that standard bathtubs take up much more space than a standing shower. No matter the size of your bathroom, it can be transformed into an elegant shower room. Therefore, if you have a small bathroom, replacing your tub with a standing shower can give you the extra space you’re looking for. This gives you more room to add other bathroom features if needed. Standing showers are also convenient for those with mobility problems. They come with a variety of options such as grab bars, benches, steam, jets, rain showerheads, and body sprayers.

3. Add a built-in storage shelf into your shower design

Allstar Construction - Add a built-in storage shelf into your shower design

If you have a shower, more than likely it is cluttered with bottles of shampoos, conditioners, soaps, washcloths, loofahs, and razors. Taking up valuable space, these essentials can easily be organized with the addition of built-in storage shelves. And the best part is that the shelves can be designed to fit various bottle sizes. Adding recessed shower shelves into your shower design is practical, convenient, and trendy! Adding shelving makes the most of a small space, while adding much needed storage space. “When adding a shower niche to a bathroom, you can think beyond the ordinary — you’re remodeling, after all. Shower niches often look great with different materials, textures, pops of color, and more. Consider matching the backsplash of a shower niche to the floor of the shower. Or, make it completely different but complementary to the rest of the bathroom”.

If you find yourself lacking space in your bathroom, especially if you share it with other family members, don’t worry. You have plenty of options to choose from to get the space you need and the luxury you want. Your dream bathroom awaits!
If you’re getting ready for a bathroom remodel, download our 2017 Bathroom Remodel Checklist now!