Subway Tiles – The New Trend in Tiles!!

Subway Tiles are not Just for the Subway


If you’re considering a kitchen remodel to add flavor and zest to your home, don’t forget about updating your kitchen backsplash as well.  Subway tiles are one of the hottest trends for modernizing your backsplash.  Its adaptability makes it a timeless feature to fit any kitchen style.

“Subway tiles” are derived from the glazed 3”x6” rectangular ceramic tiles used on the New York City subway system walls in the early 1900s. However, more modern subway tiles have a wider variety of designs, styles, patterns, colors, and textures that have a traditional feeling yet gives infinite possibilities. Because of these possibilities, creating a design that fits your style and preference is quite easy.

Subway Tiles – The New Trend in Tiles - Allstar Construction Inc.


One of the main advantages of subway tiles is low maintenance due to its resistance from stains, moisture, heat, and mold and other bacteria. Additionally, they are quite affordable, being less expensive than other backsplash options such as marble or granite. Its durability and the wide variety of options makes it perfect for the kitchen area to create a style that lasts what seems like a lifetime.


Because of the history of subway tiles, many people think that subway tiles come only in the color of classic white. However, there are a variety of colors that fit your tastes, personality, and style. This assortment can give your ordinary backsplash the perfect touch of color to accent your kitchen.


Over 100 years ago, subway tiles found in the New York City subway structure had a glossy finish. Today, however, subway tiles come in multiple finishes, such as matte, flat, and glossy, each offering certain characteristics to the tiles making them perfect for kitchen use.

Matte – A matte tile finish is mostly used on vivid colored backsplash tiles or those with patterns. It also shows little reflection of color and .

Flat – A flat tile finish is not used very often. However, because of its low reflection, it’s used on white or -colored backsplash subway tiles.

Glossy – A glossy tile finish is the most popular type.  It is used for backsplash tiles due to its high amount of reflection.


Since the early 20th century, classic subway tiles have been a popular design for kitchen backsplashes due to its low maintenance, durability, and variety. Subway tiles are so versatile that they come in a multitude of colors, types, and patterns, and sizes. The classic 3”x6” is the most common size. But, due to new trends and styles, the tile sizes are getting larger…sometimes measuring 4”x12”! Based on your preference, you can find even smaller and medium sizes. So, when deciding on your kitchen backsplash, you need to take into account the size of your kitchen.  This will ensure the size of the tiles complements the size of your kitchen, giving you the look you want.

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