The Powder Room: Small but Impactful Bathroom Remodel

While the powder room is one of the smallest rooms in your house, it shouldn’t be disregarded. Also known as the half bath or guest bath, this tiny bathroom is the perfect opportunity to let your creativity shine and showcase your style. Since the powder room is one of the most visited rooms in your house, you need to think beyond functionality when planning a remodel and consider appealing design and additional privacy features.

Why choose a powder room?


Strong Design

powder room - small room

The powder room is the quickest snapshot for a guest to gauge your style and set the overall tone for your home. While small, you can pack a heavy punch of personality into this space.

To make your space look bigger, consider choosing neutral colors with thoughtful pops of color to accent the space. Using tile as a backsplash or a wall accent provides a sense of cleanliness as well as beauty, which is very relaxing for your guest. Mixing too many colors or patterns may clutter the space and give the illusion of less square footage. However, a deep and rich solid color on the walls may help achieve a bit of drama that is hard to achieve in a small space. In fact, if you’re looking for a space to go over the top with a theme or statement of style, the powder room is the perfect place!

You may also consider opting for a pedestal sink, as the slim design will open up more space. A nice contrast to a smaller sink is an oversized mirror, which can be very striking and change the overall perception of proportion within the space.

Clever Functionality

powder room - pedestal sink

Efficiency is key in planning out the functionality of your half bath. Every inch of space should be thought through and utilized for the greatest convenience and comfort.

The three main elements a powder room needs are a toilet, sink, and mirror. But don’t neglect the importance of . Flattering makes guests feel more comfortable. Overhead can cast unflattering shadows, so thinking about adding a chandelier and wall sconces near the mirror. This adds multiple sources of ambient .

Storage is also key—you don’t want to leave your guests with an empty roll of toilet paper and no clue where to find a new roll. You’ll also want to keep extra hand towels within reach, as well as a handful of other convenient items. If you opt for a pedestal sink without cabinets, consider adding small, built-in niches to keep such items. Another option may be adding floating shelves above the toilet or on a side wall.

Privacy Features

powder room - privacy

You have the style and convenience checked off the list, but don’t forget the most important feature your guest will truly value—privacy!

Sound insulation is important for any bathroom, but especially the highest traffic bathroom your guests will be using. Sound insulation can be added within shared walls, or you can wrap your pipes, vents, and drains to keep plumbing noise to a minimum. Since this bathroom does not accumulate as much humidity as a regular bath, you can use wall treatments made from paper or fabric, which helps absorb noise as well.

If there are windows in the bathroom, either looking outside or into the house, you can use this opportunity to add an extra touch of style. Instead of defaulting to the standard frosted window or blinds, think about installing a stain glass window that adds beauty and still lets the through.

Final Thoughts

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Take the opportunity to impress your guests and soak up a little extra pride in your home with a powder room remodel. All Star Construction, Inc, is your bathroom remodeling contractor in Houston, TX. Call 281-847-0294 today. We’ll help you determine what steps you need to take and what decisions you need to make in order to create the ideal powder room in your home.