Natural Wood Porches, Patios, and Decks: Beautiful Outdoor Structures

When it comes to creating a beautiful and inviting natural wood outdoor space, there are a variety of options available. But for many homeowners, it usually comes down to building a porch, a patio, or a deck. There are subtle differences among these three structures, however all three provide additional living space outside the home.

Natural wood is the perfect outdoor building material!



natural wood porch

Porches, also referred to as verandas, are covered and are normally open at the sides. They are attached to the home and can be found in the front yard or back yard. Porches are typically found on the first floors of homes.


natural wood patio

Unlike porches that are always covered, patios can be covered or uncovered. Sometimes referred to as a courtyard when surrounded by walls, a patio can either be attached or detached from a home. A patio can be much larger than a porch, which means it can also be much more versatile. Similar to a porch, patios can also be found in the front or back of a home. While patios can be built with a wide variety of materials, a wood patio is a popular choice among many homeowners for the warm, rustic feel natural wood provides.


natural wood deck

Decks are open spaces, without a roof, that are most often found extending out from a higher floor rather than on the ground level. Due to the elevation, decks typically require a railing. A deck doesn’t need to be attached to the home, and at ground level are often seen around a swimming pool.


Adding an outdoor structure is one of the smartest home improvement decisions homeowners can make. It’s not only good for the family by creating useable outdoor space, but it increases the value of the home. Oftentimes, potential buyers will settle for smaller square footage inside a home if there is additional outdoor living space to compensate.

Having a beautiful porch, patio, or deck is a great way to make the most of your outdoor activities. If treated properly, these structures can be low maintenance ways to help you enjoy the outdoors with some added protection against the Texas heat and humidity.


Like any major home upgrade, outdoor materials vary in appearance, durability, and physical properties. When planning your outdoor project, consider the various types of lumber available that can be used to achieve different looks.

Why is natural wood a popular choice for many homeowners? Not only does it smell good while providing a natural warm and authentic look, it can be among the most inexpensive materials used for porches, patios, and decks.

Natural wood is the traditional, as well as the original, material used for outdoor building materials. Therefore, natural wood structures can sometimes evoke a sense of nostalgia. Fun Fact: when Hurricane Sandy destroyed a large part of the Atlantic City Boardwalk, the lumber was auctioned off to people who wanted a piece of memorabilia. It had also been used in public art projects and sold to designers and artists inspired by the historic nature of the Boardwalk to build custom tabletops, theater floorboards, and outdoor benches.

Wood patios, wood siding, and other wooden structures have a long lifespan, ranging from 75—100 years. However, new technology such as all-weather stains has extended the life of pressure-treated wood even longer.

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