Kitchen Remodel Inspiration from Around the World

Seeking inspiration for your kitchen remodel? We’ve spotted a few trends around the globe that can certainly add a level of interest to your kitchen. From layout preferences to food storage alternatives, you may spot something that seems a bit unusual here in the States. However, these ideas but could potentially elevate your remodel to the next level!

Check out these ingenious kitchen remodel inspirations!



Changing the layout of your kitchen can allow for greater convenience and better organization and flow. The #1 layout in the USA is currently the L-shape. But, the U-shaped layout is the top choice in New Zealand, Germany, and the UK. Overall, a trend we’re seeing in kitchen remodels is the desire for easier access and more convenient working space. The U-shaped layout is a closed layout. But, if space allows, it can accommodate an island for added counter space and the opportunity to entertain.

ing Features

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We know that updated is a major trend in American kitchen remodels. However Italy takes their flare for illuminated dramatics a step further. If you find yourself in a modern Italian kitchen, you may spot s in the sink illuminating the running water. It definitely serves as a visual point of interest.  It can also bring an element of fun to an otherwise lackluster spot in your kitchen.

Dramatic Colors

Bold and bright colors are trending in kitchens worldwide. However, some areas of the globe are keeping it simple. For example, white kitchen cabinets are the preferred color scheme for Australians. Almost 60% of kitchens renovated in the past 12 months in Australia have opted for white cabinets. While Aussies may choose a neutral pallet, many countries are seeing a resurgence in bold pops of color, particularly in kitchen . We’re even seeing a renewed appreciation for those avocado-colored ranges that you thought disappeared after the 1970s! Not only can color help bring your personal aesthetic into the kitchen, but it can also have the power of nostalgia, which is always in style.


Looking for some medieval inspiration for your kitchen? Larders are making somewhat of a comeback since their original hay day in Europe before refrigerators were invented in the early 1900s. Essentially a walk-in cupboard with vents leading to the outside of the home and pulling in air to cool the room, a larder is considered a more natural way to cool and air out food. While not all homes or lifestyles would find convenience in a larder over a modern refrigerator, one major selling point is energy efficiency. Some foods such as eggs, breads, cheeses, and spices store better in a larder—freeing up space around the kitchen and allowing for a homeowner to buy a smaller and more affordable refrigerator for any remaining cold food storage.

Final Thoughts


When planning your kitchen remodel, you may have to look a little further from home to find the perfect solution to achieve your vision. Inspiration can come from anywhere and from any time in history. All Star Construction, Inc is your resource for dreaming big when it comes to kitchen remodels! Call 281-847-0294 today.