Kitchen Cabinets: 3 Styles We Love!

Kitchen cabinets can change the look of your kitchen!

Whether you’re looking to install new kitchen cabinets or just renovate your current ones, there is a wide variety of styles and designs from which to choose. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is often its own entity, with its own private space and individual uses. However, at times, the kitchen does not reflect the complete style of your home. When you’re selecting your kitchen cabinet styles, you can choose to match your home’s current décor or completely change its look.

Although it may seem overwhelming at first, perusing the three most popular styles can help you choose the right design style for your home: Contemporary, Traditional, and Transitional.


contemporary kitchen cabinets

Contemporary style kitchen cabinets provide modernized surfaces, high functionality, and soft earthy tones to give your kitchen a sleek look.

Design – Contemporary designs feature a clean, spacious, and unadorned style with flat surfaces, minimal ornamentation, and faux finishes. Kitchen cabinets will have simple hardware, no raised panels, and no crown molding. They showcase sleek, clean lines, transforming your kitchen into a beautiful modern oasis.

Materials – Contemporary kitchen cabinets are usually constructed from man-made materials such as glass, concrete, plastic, or metal.  This gives your kitchen the smooth, modern feel you’re looking for. However, homeowners often choose to incorporate some type of natural stone, wood veneer, or recycled materials to add warmth to the space.

Color – Contemporary kitchen cabinets often showcase a monochromatic color scheme, using variations of grays, blacks, and whites. However, the cabinets can feature one or more bold colors to accent a particular color scheme or material in your home.

Regardless of the hardware, color scheme, or materials you choose for your kitchen cabinets, the key to a great contemporary look is to use a minimalist approach.


traditional kitchen cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinetry is one of the most popular cabinet styles. This type of design provides a homey, aesthetic feel, preserving order and enhancement through balance and symmetry.

Design – Antique features, ornate moldings, arches, and raised or recessed panels are features of traditional kitchen cabinets. This classic style gives your kitchen a hint of elegance and sophistication. In addition, you can use antique metals as hardware to decorate your cabinets. Traditional cabinets can even be designed to hide storage space such as a pantry or refrigerator. It’s the large cabinets and warm colors that give your kitchen a country lifestyle design.

Materials – Traditional cabinets are usually made from durable materials such as wood. Two of the most popular types of woods used are pine and oak, providing the beautiful look of wood graining. Other popular wood choices include maple, cherry, and hickory because of their wide array of colors.

Color – Color is one of the most important characteristics of a traditional kitchen. To embody the look and feel of the countryside, use warm, natural colors. For example, rugged wood cabinets help to emphasize the wood’s natural beauty. Additionally, you can paint or stain your kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen that rustic look.

The warm, natural appeal of the traditional style gives your kitchen the feel of being in the country, even if you aren’t actually in the country.


transitional kitchen cabinets

The transitional kitchen style is becoming one of the most popular trends, incorporating the best features of both contemporary and traditional styles. Combining the simple, sleek lines of the contemporary style with the antique, warm features of the traditional style, your transitional kitchen is classy, yet cozy.

Design – Transitional kitchens feature neutral colors, straight lines, simple accents, and natural surfaces. Because this type of kitchen combines two distinct styles, the cabinets feature a variety of textures including distressed woods, paneled doors, and smooth hardware.

Materials – Transitional cabinets are generally made from natural materials, such as wood, rather than man-made materials like lacquer. Moreover, using rich woods and earthy colors adds the allure of the early 20th century.

Color – Transitional cabinets often use layered neutral colors with a hint of bold color. Earthy, natural wood colors or richly-stained cabinets give your kitchen a clean, yet warm feel.

The transitional style has universal appeal, especially for those homeowners who cannot decide on one specific kitchen style.

No matter what kitchen cabinet style you choose, All Star Construction can design your dream kitchen. With almost 40 years of experience, we specialize in kitchen remodeling, completing thousands of home remodeling jobs for numerous satisfied customers.