Top 6 Home Remodeling Trends: Stay in the Know!

What’s Hot in 2018 Home Remodeling?

If you are looking to make upgrades to your current home or plan on selling your home in the near future, 2018 is the year to do so! Although a bathroom remodel and kitchen remodel are usually at the top of the list for home improvements, it’s important to know the latest home remodeling trends. When it comes to home improvements, the possibilities are endless! These projects can set your home apart from the others. Here are some hot new remodeling trends emerging in 2018.

Accessibility Remodeling

Over the last few years, homeowners have begun to think about “aging in place”. This means that they’re looking to make their current home more accessible as they grow older. Although they may not currently have mobility issues, planning for the future now can save time and money in the future. Accessibility remodeling projects include widening doorways and hallways, removing walls, installing hardwood floors, and putting in “zero-barrier” showers and bathroom for wheelchair accessibility.

Eco-friendly Remodeling

eco-friendly windows - home remodeling

Eco-friendly, or “going green”, remodeling is a trend that has maintained its popularity throughout recent years. Many homeowners and potential buyers specifically look for homes that are eco-friendly. These types of homes include environmentally-friendly building materials, upgrading insulation throughout the home, installing solar panels, dual flush toilets, and tankless water heaters; and putting in home automation features such as door locks, heating and cooling, and . The best part is that eco-friendly homes give homeowners a good return on investment seen in their monthly utility bills.

Older Home Remodeling

One of the biggest trends in Houston and its surrounding areas is homebuyers purchasing older homes in a good neighborhood and completely remodeling the home. This is less expensive than buying a lot and constructing a new home. Older homes tend to be on larger lots and the home’s structure and foundation are usually pretty solid.

Master Bedroom Suites

Luxury and indulgence are common themes in 2018. Bedrooms are becoming larger with beautiful, luxurious bathrooms and walk-in closets attached to make it a master bedroom suite. No longer are small bathrooms attached to the master bedroom. It has become a haven for adults—a place to rest, relax, and bathe in peace.

Mother in law Suites

More and more families are either living with extended family members or are faced with the decision about how to care for their aging parents. One of the most popular design trends in 2018 is the mother in law suite—a small apartment-like unit to accommodate multiple generations. It provides extra square footage, added value, and allows older adults to enjoy independence and privacy in a safe environment.

Room Additions or Conversions

home addition - home remodeling

With more homeowners choosing to stay in their homes, they will look to make major changes by adding rooms or converting unused square footage into livable space. All Star Construction, Inc can build an addition to your home or convert an underused area into a study, family room, or even that dream outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted! It’s no wonder homeowners prefer home remodeling instead of moving to a new location. It allows them to design their current home to fit the needs of their family.

No matter what home remodeling trend has caught your eye, All Star Construction can help you design your dream home. We have nearly 40 years of home remodeling experience and will work with you to turn your dream into reality. Even if you’re just looking for a before and after picture of an inexpensive kitchen remodel, we’ve got you covered. Our kitchen and bathroom “before and after” photo gallery will give you great insight into what we can do for you! Call today for your free estimate!