How to Create the Look of a Minimalist Bathroom

So, you’re planning a bathroom remodel, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. You’re not sure where to begin, but you do know you want your dream bathroom to showcase your interests, style, and personality. Based on aesthetic and functionality, there is a wide variety of colors, sizes, styles, designs, and trends from which to choose.

A minimalist bathroom is the “it” bathroom setting based on its sharp, modern, and clean appearance. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a spacious, sleek, contemporary space that’s natural and neutral.

The minimalist style is a design trend that’s here to stay.

Check out these essentials needed to create a minimalist bathroom.


minimalist bathroom - neutral colors

Use a neutral color palette

To give your bathroom a clean unified look, use neutral colors on the walls and accents. Polished concrete, wood, or marble can enhance the look of your minimalist bathroom while enhancing any natural you may have from windows or sky s.

Let nature inspire you

Use nature-themed materials and accessories to add a dash of greenery to your bathroom. Rocks, stones, reclaimed timber, and flowered plants make a perfect addition to a minimalist bathroom. Just remember that whatever you add to your bathroom should be both functional and beautiful.

Eliminate clutter

Having clutter is a minimalist’s worst nightmare. Eliminating clutter is the key to achieving a minimalist bathroom. Contemporary architectural ideas help to minimalize storage spaces. For example, a mirrored cabinet can act as both storage and a mirror, helping to eliminate the need to add additional furniture. Even though you have extra space doesn’t mean you need to fill it. Only using what is necessary is essential to achieving minimalism in the bathroom.

Install a walk-in shower

Walk in showers are perfect for a minimalist style bathroom. With clean lines, ceramic or stone tiles, and an open space, these types of showers complement any bathroom.

Use shapes or prints

Using primary shapes such as an oval or circle on sinks or mirrors helps to give the appearance of a minimalist bathroom. Adding geometric shapes such as a zigzag pattern or using animal prints can draw in your nature theme and bring together your overall décor.

Final Thoughts
A minimalist style bathroom is beautiful, relaxing, and easy to maintain. Adding touches of concrete, wood, or other nature themes adds warmth and texture while keeping your bathroom aesthetically pleasing. So, what if you want the minimalist style look, but don’t think you can achieve it? Call All Star Construction, a minimalist bathroom Houston remodeling contractor. We can give you the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.