Here’s How to Choose a Kitchen Sink that Fits Your Needs

Regardless of how often you cook or entertain, the kitchen sink will always be one of the most frequently used features in any kitchen. Its purpose may seem simple and mundane, but it’s certainly more than insignificant. The kitchen sink can set the entire style and tone of your kitchen remodel.

Check out the following list of kitchen sink types to consider during your next remodel.


Drop-In Sink


Installed from above, this sink type is one of the most affordable common selections for homeowners. A hole is cut into the kitchen countertop and the weight of the sink is carried completely by the rim, which is why these sinks are also called self-rimming sinks. The main issue you’ll find with this sink is when it comes to cleaning. Not only is the rim another part that you’ll have to clean, but cleaning the counter is more of a challenge since you can’t swipe spills from the counter into the sink.

Undermount Sink


Installed from below, clips are used to secure this sink underneath the counter. Therefore, the base cabinet structure supports the kitchen sink. The main benefit over the drop-in sink is the seamless transition into the sink, making counter cleaning an easier task. Mounting can be a challenge. You’ll still need to be diligent in cleaning the inside edge where the sink meets the counter edge. Overall, this sink has a very sleek and modern feel and takes up less counter space than the drop-in option.

Integrated Sink

Also called the flush-mount sink, these sinks are part of the countertop itself. Made as one continuous unit of the same material as the counter, and requiring a custom order, these sinks tend to be a pricier option. You’ll more commonly find integrated sinks in bathrooms, but they can make for a very eye-catching focal point in the kitchen.

Farmhouse Sink


Also called the apron sink, this country style kitchen sink is a trendy choice that sets the overall tone of your kitchen. You can identify a farmhouse sink by its distinctive front wall, which also forms the front of the counter. The sinks are large and deep and they allow you to get closer to your sink, which can be easier on your back.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a sink for your kitchen, remember to keep in mind size, ease of cleaning, and style. You can use your sink to wash hands and dishes. However, it should be attractive and suited to your specific needs in the kitchen. Call All Star Construction, Inc., your kitchen remodeling experts, at 281-847-0294. We’ll help you find the perfect sink for your kitchen remodel!