What is the Best Game Plan for a Bathroom Remodel?

You’ve decided it’s finally time for that bathroom remodel and now you’re wondering what to do next? Before you start trying to talk yourself out of this important home investment, take note of the three things that will help you and your family create a great game plan to ensure you’re not wasting time and money as you move forward with your project.

Where do you start for a bathroom remodel?

budget for a bathroom remodel

1. Create a Budget:

Bathroom remodels are not one-size-fits-all. Whether it’s a big, small, or middle of the road endeavor, determining a range of money from the beginning will help manage the expectations for both you and your contractor.

Remember, one of the top 5 reasons to remodel a bathroom, is for the resell value. Reports show that you’ll earn back about 50% of your remodel expenses when you’re ready to sell your home. All Star Construction can help you craft a plan that’s the perfect size for you and your needs.

2. Do your Research:

What does your dream bathroom look like and what are the must-haves? Create a list of features for your remodel and rank them by priority: for example, a double vanity is more important for your needs than putting in a new shower.

These days, the research part can be fun! Gather inspiration from our gallery of previous work to help determine your vision or look through the endless number of ideas online, but be sure to get buy-in from fellow family members before starting work to save you from changing direction mid-project.

bathroom remodel -

      a. Elements to consider:

    • ing: A little can go a long way. This is one feature you don’t want to ignore. ing is not only a mood enhancer but can help with your daily grooming routine, and can be very cost-effective. Ask our team about task around vanity mirrors, the best place for side mirrors or sconces, and the right bulbs for your space.


    • Storage: Storage space has become one of the number one priorities for most people during a bathroom remodel. We can help you utilize untapped areas like the upper wall space to create smart solutions that allow all your bathroom items to be neatly organized and out of the way.


  • Ventilation: Although not an aesthetically enhancing feature, it is a crucial one. It can remove the extra humidity and fog that create slippery floors and contribute to the growth of mold and mildew. Bathroom vents, exhaust s and humidity control panels should also be considered. This can protect the air quality and ultimately the value of your home.


3. Consider the Timing:

Building the perfect bathroom can take some time and just like any project, there can always be roadblocks. Look ahead at your calendar and discuss your project’s scope with our team to make sure you don’t risk overlapping your project with an important event you might be thinking of hosting at your home this year.

Final Thoughts
We are here to help you each step of the way with this wise home investment. Let us help you make the house you have, the home you want. All Star Construction, Inc, is your bathroom remodeling contractor in Houston, TX. Call 281-847-0294 today.