5 Must-Have Features in a Kitchen Remodel

Make Your Kitchen Remodel Amazing

The heart of your home is your kitchen, since it is where you spend so much shared time with loved ones. If you’re considering a home remodel, the kitchen is a great place to start. Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular renovations, and one that gives you the most ROI (Return on Investment). Along with countertops and cabinets, fixtures give your kitchen focal points, providing style to your kitchen and elevating its efficiency.

There are 5 must-have fixtures that you should include in your kitchen remodel. Updating one or more of these fixtures will give your kitchen the upgrade it needs to add value and personality to your remodel.


5 Must-Have Features in a Kitchen Remodel, All Star Construction Inc.UNDER-THE-COUNTER LIGHTS

One of the most popular fixtures in upgraded kitchens is under-the-counter . This can be used as subdued romantic kitchen , countertop for food preparation, and stunning accent to your backsplash. So, there are 3 different types of to consider: Xenon s are known for their warm , full dimmers, and s energy efficiency; Fluorescent s are inexpensive, energy efficient, and emit little heat; s have a long life-span, are extremely energy efficient, and emit a beautiful white .


5 Must-Have Features in a Kitchen Remodel POT-FILLER
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Have you heard of a pot-filler? If not, you’re missing out on this convenient kitchen hack. A pot-filler, installed near your stove, is a faucet with a long metal arm. The arm swings out to allow you to directly fill pots with water and folds back to the wall when not in use. This saves you the hassle of carrying a pot of water from the sink to your stove. It’s also convenient for pots that don’t fit in your sink. Additionally, pot-fillers minimize the amount of clutter around your sink, thus allowing you to work more quickly, efficiently, and effectively.


5 Must-Have Features in a Kitchen Remodel CUSTOM CORNER STORAGE
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You can find a corner storage cabinet in almost every kitchen; however, it is one of the most under-used spaces in the kitchen because of its location and lack of functionality. The good news is there are a few solutions that can turn dead cabinet space into something useful and practical. One of the most common and least expensive designs for corner storage is the Lazy Susan, which is a couple of trays attached to a pole that rotates.


5 Must-Have Features in a Kitchen Remodel

When considering a kitchen remodel, think about adding a double oven, one of the must-have kitchen conveniences. Although these are typically designed to have one large oven on the bottom and a small oven on the top, some models have the exact same-sized ovens. Double ovens are time-saving amenities that allow you to cook meals at the same time in bake, roast, broil, or steam mode. You can also keep your food warm in one oven while cooking a meal in the other. A double oven upgrade, a luxury modern appliance, also increases your home’s value.


5 Must-Have Features in a Kitchen Remodel FULL-EXTENSION DRAWERS

-extension drawers add accessibility, organization, and convenience to your kitchen. They provide more usable space by allowing the entire drawer to be pulled out from the cabinet, thus giving complete access to the drawer. Drawer cabinets can even be designed to include dividers, making it easier to organize cookware, cutlery, and utensils. Drawers come in a wide variety of widths, heights, and slider options.  Therefore, you can find the right combination to fit your interests and style.

So, if you’re considering a kitchen remodel, upgrading your kitchen fixtures will provide convenience and value to your home. This will enhance its overall aesthetics and give you an alluring place to spend time with family and friends!