What to Do with Your Unused Space in Your Home?!?

Many homeowners don’t want bigger homes. They want better homes and better use of the space in their homes. The amount of unused space in your home may surprise you. For example, formal living and dining rooms are rarely used. Square footage in laundry rooms, breakfast nooks, under stairs, and in “spare” bedrooms go unused for most of the year.

Unless you’re living the “tiny house lifestyle”, you’re probably not using your home’s full potential. You could have a forgotten spot under your stairs or an attic that’s used for storage. Maybe you’ve set up a guest bedroom, but only have guests every few months.

So, what do you do with an extra room? There are ways to transform these unused spaces into something you both need and want.

Here are a few ways experts recommend getting more out of your home.



Many meals are eaten in restaurants, and many others are eaten on the run. So, it’s no wonder why many dining rooms go unused for months. If you find you no longer use your dining room, or it has become a storage area, consider making the space useful. More and more people are working from home. Turning the space into an office, a game room, an arts/crafts room, or even a reading room is a great option.


unused space in your home - game room
Do you want a place where you can be a kid, or where your kids can entertain their friends? Convert unused space into a game room! A game room is a luxury that many potential buyers look for in a home. Who doesn’t want a place for a pool table, ping pong table, or foosball?


Garages have become multi-functional. People use garages to shelter their vehicles, as well as for additional storage. Converting a garage into additional working space or living space not only gives your family the space it needs, but also increases the value of your home.


If you draw a picture of a house, more than likely you drew a slanted roof. Within the triangle, under the roof, is empty space. It’s one of the most underutilized spaces in your home. Many homeowners convert the attic into useable space such as an extra bedroom, gym, or an office. This adds value to your home without adding square footage.


Many two-story homes have wasted space under the stairs.  You can use this space as a study or even hidden storage. Adding custom built-in desks, storage cabinets, or walk-in closets can make your underutilized space practical.


Over the past few years, an increase in gun sales has occurred in the United States. Many homeowners struggle with properly securing their firearms. Having a hidden gun storage is the best solution. Gun storage offers a way to safely secure firearms but is also easy enough to get to in a hurry if needed. Gun racks are too accessible for children, and gun safes are not easily accessed. A hidden gun storage is durable and can be designed to fit almost any weapon.


Converting unused space in your home into something more practical and functional can be profitable as well. You can use your beautifully designed room to house guests, rent to college students, or even as an Airbnb Houston. Don’t let your space go to waste. Contact All Star Construction, your Houston area design/build firm. We can turn your empty space into your dream room.