Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

You may be on the fence about a bathroom remodel for a variety of reasons. Maybe you don’t believe the desire to update your seashell sinks is worth the time or money. Or maybe you aren’t sure if the remodel will provide the return on investment you’re hoping for. If your bathroom is older, outdated, or simply not fitting your needs, it’s time to think about a remodel! We’ve listed 5 of the top reasons a bathroom remodel will benefit you and your family for years to come.



bathroom remodel - increase value


#1: Increase the value of your home

It’s no secret that a bathroom remodel has the highest return on all major remodeling projects. Home buyers are specifically seeking size and features in a bathroom, which is one of the biggest considerations when purchasing a home. Reports show that you’ll recoup more than half the total cost of your bathroom remodel. On average, homeowners can get $0.71 to every dollar they invest.

#2: Make a cleaner and safer space

As your bathroom ages, the constant wear and tear can result in loose tiles, leaky valves, broken cabinets, and mold and mildew. The constant exposure to moisture does not help. However, repairing damage and installing more modern materials and fixtures that stand up longer to these conditions are an essential reason to remodel. New standards in the way bathroom features are made keep safety, convenience, and longevity as top priorities. These can not only prevent dangerous molds and toxins from living in your bathroom, but also prevent accidents and injuries. Anti-scalding faucets add more security for children and elderly individuals as well.

#3: Gain more efficiency

Check out our previous blog post that discusses many ways on how your bathroom can gain the power of energy efficiency. But overall, bathrooms account for half of the water usage in your home. And much of that water goes to waste due to outdated faucets and inefficient toilets. Save on your utility bills with water-saving features and energy efficient .

#4: Customize to your wants and needs

Looking for more bathroom storage space, greater square footage, more modern design, or a standing shower versus tub? The sooner you remodel, the more years you have to enjoy the bathroom you’ve always wanted. Or if your current home layout allows, an additional bathroom can be built as an add-on to your home, or a less utilized room can be converted into a bathroom to suit the needs of your entire family.

#5: Prepare for your own future                                                               

You may be considering a remodel to accommodate an aging and/or disabled loved one in your home. But you’ll also want to consider your own future in your current home and ensure that it will be just as accessible now as when you grow older and may require different functionality. Wider doors, curbless shower, grab bars, nonslip flooring, vanity height, and accessible toilets are all items that can be introduced to your bathroom now in order to be better prepared for the future and your changing needs.

Final Thoughts
Now is the perfect time to consider a bathroom remodel in your home. You deserve to enjoy the present while looking ahead at the future! All Star Construction, Inc, is your bathroom remodeling contractor in Houston, TX. Call 281-847-0294 today to start the conversation. We’ll take the time to listen and help you make the house you have, the home you want.