Top 4 Ways to Color Coordinate Your Backyard Remodeling

When homeowners consider remodeling their home’s interior, it can be quite a difficult task to color coordinate your new remodel. Designs, layouts, textures, and colors all play a part in deciding your color scheme and complementary colors, especially for a backyard remodeling project.

Choosing colors is a little more challenging if you’re remodeling the exterior of your home, whether it be a covered patio, an outdoor kitchen, or a carport. When choosing main colors, trim colors, and accent colors, you must not only consider your remodel, but you must take into account natural surroundings and neighboring homes. Interior colors depend on your mood, interests, and preferences, but what about your exterior colors?

backyard remodeling - new patio deck - with open seating

There are several ways to find inspiration for color coordinating your backyard remodel. You can scroll through the obvious resources such as websites and magazines, but look at what surrounds you.

1. Visit local professionals

Don’t be afraid to visit your local exterior designers or paint manufacturer professionals. They can help you find the perfect blend of main colors and complementary colors for your home’s exterior. Additionally, for your backyard remodeling project, you can coordinate with your neighbor’s colors or be bold and go in the opposite direction!

2. Get inspiration from your life

One of the easiest, and most obvious, sources of inspiration is yourself. If you enjoy sunsets, gloomy skies, or even tropical forests, let your backyard remodeling projet reflect your interests. You don’t have to follow the latest trends. Choose colors that represent you and reflect your personal style and desires. Remember, the next time you have a staycation, your backyard remodel can be your new getaway!

3. Tour other neighborhoods

If you’re still unsure where to find inspiration for backyard color combinations, visit other neighborhoods. Neighborhoods can be very eclectic in their designs, styles, and color combinations. Many homeowners use designers and architects to get inspiration, while others have a natural knack for color schemes and complementary colors.

4. Let nature inspire you

backyard remodeling - sunroom - outdoor seating

One of the most obvious color inspirations for your backyard remodeling project is through nature and its surroundings. Your color scheme will vary if your home is located near a beach or if it’s set in the country, for example. Coordinating exterior colors that resemble nature’s backdrop is not only simple, but exciting. If your home is near the water, choosing colors that mimic the beach such as beige, tan, soft yellow, and blues is picture-perfect. On the other hand, if your home is set in a wooded area, rustic colors such as greens, burgundy, and browns would compliment your backyard seamlessly. You can never go wrong if you draw inspiration from nature.

So, if you’re considering a backyard remodel, coordinating exterior colors can be somewhat challenging. But, no matter what type of remodel you’re considering, various resources can inspire you. Professionals, personal style, neighborhoods, and nature are just a few ways to gain inspiration. Go ahead…get inspired! Your dream backyard remodel awaits!!

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