Check Out Theses Small Kitchen Remodeling Tips!

You may think your kitchen is too small to be worthy of a remodel. However, a more compact kitchen can provide the ideal setup for an efficient, working space. In fact, there are cases when a remodel is done to reduce the size of a kitchen to make it more manageable. When it comes to your pint-size kitchen, a remodel can maximize efficiency and allow for an overdue style makeover.

Check out these tiny kitchen remodeling tips.





Add windows! Natural is ideal for giving the illusion of more space. Kitchens should be bright and inviting, even when there’s not much space to illuminate. A window installation will increase the property value of your home as well. If the location of your kitchen does not allow for a window, your remodel should include a plan for combining overhead and small pendant , providing multiple sources that should keep the room feeling airy and fresh.

Minimize Features


In terms of space, your major and food prep areas take top priority in your kitchen remodel. In many kitchens, a large sink/counter combo is commonplace, but is not necessarily maximizing the space to its fullest potential. Consider separating your sink into a smaller area by itself, preferably in a corner of the kitchen that seems rather unusable for any other purpose. Packing your kitchen full of heavy cabinetry can quickly shrink the room as well. But incorporating more free-standing elements, such as a shelved table in place of a large island, can help de-clutter the area and add a nice touch of visual interest to the kitchen as well. There are plenty of ways to get creative with storage, which will also keep the clutter at bay.

Elevate Style

We are certainly advocates for functionality and efficiency. However,  we also emphasize the importance of designing a remodel with the homeowner’s personal aesthetic incorporated. Kitchen remodeling is the time to put your own stamp on the place you spend a great amount of time cooking, entertaining, and relaxing. You don’t need a large kitchen to make a statement. Your style can be reflected in bold tile choices, stunning flooring, sleek , and color combinations that amplify how mighty your little kitchen really is. And don’t forget the ceiling! Adding color or even tiles to your kitchen ceiling can add an extra large dose of drama.

Final Thoughts
 A small kitchen remodel will give you the kitchen of your dreams! No matter how spacious, our team at All Star Construction, Inc will walk you through all the options available to maximize your space, even some you didn’t think possible. We are the kitchen remodeling experts in Houston! Call 281-847-0294 today.