Recessed Lighting vs. Hanging Fixtures: Which is Best?

New Light Fixtures To Change A Space

So, you’ve decided to renovate your kitchen, and you’ve gone through the necessary steps to ensure you haven’t missed anything. All that’s left to do is decide on the type of lighting fixtures to use in your kitchen so that it’s comfortable and functional. You’ve narrowed it down to recessed lighting or hanging fixtures, but which do you choose?
Since the kitchen is the hub of your home and where you will do most of your entertaining, you want lighting that is task-oriented, yet decorative and welcoming. There is a wide array of shapes, colors, and styles from which to choose. Deciding between these two types of lighting can be difficult, so it’s important to know the benefits of each.


Recessed Lighting - Allstar Construction Inc.

Recessed lighting is a fixture that is installed into a hole in your ceiling. It is the perfect choice for small kitchens that need to feel more spacious. It is also great for kitchens with low ceilings. In situations where you want to avoid clutter, use recessed lighting to provide plenty of light. It is also used to eliminate shadows and glares, while providing broad illumination. To create a classy modern touch, try adding a recessed lighting fixture inside cabinets with glass fronts.


In addition to giving your kitchen a touch of class, replacing current light fixtures with recessed lighting provides many other benefits.
1) Recessed lighting comes in a wide variety of colors and styles including reflectors, trim, and the lights themselves. Any of these combinations will give your kitchen an instant upgrade.
2) Recessed lighting makes your kitchen look bigger. Nothing protrudes from the ceiling, interrupting the aesthetics of the kitchen. The enlargement effect is also due to a technique called wall washing. “Wall washing is when light is uniformly spread out over a wall from top to bottom. Evenly illuminating the entire wall hides imperfections and eliminates shadows. As a result, the wall appears clear and bright, any architecture is emphasized, and the room as a whole looks more spacious”.
3) Recessed lighting can be used as ambient lighting or used to highlight certain elements, such as a work of art or a display case. Homeowners often seek recessed lighting due to its versatility and magnetism.


Hanging Fixtures (Pendant Lighting) Allstar Construction Inc.

Hanging fixtures, such as pendant lighting, in a kitchen with low ceilings makes the kitchen seem smaller since the lights protrude down from the ceiling. However, these fixtures can add accent to your kitchen while providing task or ambient lighting. Be careful when adding pendant lighting as too many grouped together will look cluttered.


Hanging fixtures can make any room look elegant and classy; however, there are other benefits to this stylish fixture.
1) Hanging fixtures are unique, visually attractive, and add charm to your kitchen, especially when placed over islands and dining areas. They can also add a touch of color to areas that need it the most.
2) Pendant lighting is very versatile. It can hang over any space in your kitchen, but it can also be easily moved to accommodate any area or décor.


This type of lighting system can also be adjusted to various heights to create different effects and provide beautiful illumination.
3) Since hanging fixtures come in a wide variety of textures, colors, and sizes, it’s easy to find something that fits your interior design needs. They can easily adapt to match or complement your existing décor and create an atmosphere that is perfect for you and your family.
If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, no matter how big or small, let All Star Construction be your design/build contractor. With our vast experience, innovation, and creativity, All Star Construction can help “make the house you have, the home you want!”