Most Popular Kitchen Colors of 2017



If you’re looking to jazz up your kitchen a bit but are not sure what to do, try adding kitchen colors as accents or make a bolder statement by painting your walls or cabinets. Feel free to change your entire color scheme while giving your kitchen a fresh new look.

To find the right color scheme to match the feel you want in your kitchen, take a look at this interactive color palette: 

Here are the hottest kitchen colors and trends of 2017:


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From walls and floors to cabinets and backsplashes, shades of blue are a hot color trend for your kitchen. Whether you choose dark blues, blue-grays, medium blues, or bold blues, you can’t go wrong with choosing this popular color. Although black and white have been known as the classic combination, the versatility of blue and white is quickly becoming the “go-to” color scheme.


If you prefer a more rustic look for your kitchen, try mixing cool and warm color tones such as blue-gray cabinets. Distressing your cabinets adds an additional vintage charm to your kitchen.


If you have a beach house and are considering a kitchen color-change, using seafoam greens and pale shades of deep-sea blues gives your kitchen just the touch it needs. Complement it with a blue accent wall or a fish scale backsplash with shades of blue.


Subdued shades of blue can be used as a neutral kitchen color rather than as a bold statement. Cabinets that are painted blue-gray will also give your kitchen a warm touch.


Deep rich shades of navy blue give your kitchen a luxurious feel. These dramatic colors create the perfect accent to your kitchen and go well with stainless steel .


Adding bold dark-blue cabinets, pendant , and white countertops to any kitchen gives it a fresh feel.   Accenting with natural woods helps to create a modern look with contrast.

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For years, wood and white cabinets have been used in neutral kitchens; however, recently, cabinets in various shades of gray have become the hot new trend, giving your kitchen a sleek modern design. Gray cabinets with corresponding black or white countertops give your kitchen a sophisticated look while allowing other accent colors to shine through.

Since gray is the new neutral color, its many shades can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen. Because of its versatility, a gray kitchen is a style that pairs well with a second color, such as blue and/or white, or stands well on its own, particularly when resembling concrete or stone. Depending on the shade of gray you choose, you can create an atmosphere that correlates to your personality and taste.



The beauty, charm and charisma of “old Hollywood glamour” has been finding its way into the kitchen. Shades of gray mixed with dark blue accents and metallic fixtures and hardware will give your kitchen a touch of glamour from the 1930s.

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Out with the old black and white — in with the new gray and blue. Updating the classic look with high contrast shades of gray gives white cabinets a fresh new look.



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If you’re looking to follow one of the latest kitchen trends, one of the easiest recommendations is to update the color of your cabinetry. Sprucing up your tired kitchen cabinets can make all the difference and give your kitchen a fresh new look.



White cabinets are still one of the most popular cabinet color choices, as they are easy to pair with anything. Just be sure to choose several shades of white to avoid creating a sterile atmosphere. Try adding task or glass inserts for an even more updated and sophisticated look.


One of the most popular kitchen design styles is pairing dark cabinets with -colored walls and countertops, giving your kitchen a pop of color.


This unique color trend is just as popular as ever. With upper cabinets one color and lower cabinets another, this style adds color diversity to your kitchen while creating a focal point.


Following a trend is obviously one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen. Just as the name suggests, a “trend” is a current fad, fashion, or style, which is ever-changing.   Giving your kitchen a boost of color will help keep your kitchen fashionable while giving your home charm and appeal.

Additionally, for extra oomph to your kitchen, take a look at these feng shui kitchen colors: This ancient Chinese belief will add harmony and balance to your kitchen while creating a flow of energy that will breathe life into your home.