Here’s How to Choose a Kitchen Sink that Fits Your Needs

Regardless of how often you cook or entertain, the kitchen sink will always be one of the most frequently used features in any kitchen. Its purpose may seem simple and mundane, but it’s certainly more than insignificant. The kitchen sink can set the entire style and tone of your kitchen remodel.

Creating a Breakfast Nook

The kitchen tends to be thought of primarily as an entertaining space. However, chances are that the majority of your time in the kitchen is spent just cooking or relaxing.

When planning your next kitchen remodel, keep in mind the benefits of a breakfast nook—a place to spend some quality quiet time!

Kitchen Remodel: Planning with Safety in Mind

You’re in the process of planning out every visual detail and style choice for your kitchen remodel. But before you move forward with bringing your vision to life, you’ll need to factor in the most important element of all—safety!

Choosing the Best Cooktop for Your Kitchen Remodel

You may have your mind already set on the type of cooktop or range you want for your new kitchen remodel, but it’s worth taking a moment to understand the pros and cons of the most common options and read up on the latest advancements made in some of the more modern options as well. From style preference to fuel type to cost, there are many factors to consider.

Check Out These Clever Multi-function Kitchen Design Elements

No matter the size or layout of your kitchen, there are smarter choices to make when remodeling. You can find greater efficiencies, storage options, and conveniences with some of the latest innovations in kitchen design. Single objects no longer have just a single purpose!

Check out our list of ways to make the most of your space during your next kitchen design remodel.


Kitchen Remodel Inspiration from Around the World

Seeking inspiration for your kitchen remodel? We’ve spotted a few trends around the globe that can certainly add a level of interest to your kitchen. From layout preferences to food storage alternatives, you may spot something that seems a bit unusual here in the States. However, these ideas but could potentially elevate your remodel to the next level!

Kitchen Countertops: Your Top 6 Material Choices!

You’re creating your to-do list for your kitchen remodel, and you know exactly which cabinets, flooring, and colors will bring your vision for your dream kitchen to life. But one very important decision may have been left off your list. Your kitchen countertops! While you may have thought it would be easiest to default to the old standard granite countertops, and the hardest part would be picking a color, the more important decision you should start with is the material itself.  We want to help you make more informed choices during your kitchen remodel.

2018’s Top Trends in Kitchen Remodels and Kitchen Design

We’ve seen many trends in kitchen design come and go over the years, but 2018 has been a solid year for incorporating both style and practicality into the kitchen, and we anticipate these trends to roll over into the next few years to come. From smarter material choices and lower maintenance solutions to better storage and pet-friendly options, we’ve covered a few of our favorite trends.

Check Out Theses Small Kitchen Remodeling Tips!

You may think your kitchen is too small to be worthy of a remodel. However, a more compact kitchen can provide the ideal setup for an efficient, working space. In fact, there are cases when a remodel is done to reduce the size of a kitchen to make it more manageable. When it comes to your pint-size kitchen, a remodel can maximize efficiency and allow for an overdue style makeover.

How to Get Your Kitchen Ready to Entertain

It’s party time! With cooler weather on its way and the holiday season upon us, your kitchen is starting to see more action than it has all year. Whether you’re planning a Halloween party or mapping out how to tackle this year’s Thanksgiving feast, a kitchen remodel may need to make its way onto your to-do list. When it comes to hosting guests, your kitchen is the central nervous system of your home where people gather, converse, drink and eat. Here are a few ideas for your kitchen remodeling checklist that will make your space ideal for entertaining.