Check Out These Clever Multi-function Kitchen Design Elements

No matter the size or layout of your kitchen, there are smarter choices to make when remodeling. You can find greater efficiencies, storage options, and conveniences with some of the latest innovations in kitchen design. Single objects no longer have just a single purpose!

Check out our list of ways to make the most of your space during your next kitchen design remodel.




Islands are incredibly useful additions to a kitchen and offer immense versatility. Even in a small kitchen, a compact multi-purpose rolling island can have a tremendous benefit. When planning out the best use of space, built-in are a smart move, freeing up additional counter or cabinet space elsewhere.

Additional counter space and better storage options are not the only reasons to have an island. Islands can also have bar seating, making them the true centerpiece of the kitchen where people gather and mingle.


Countertops today are full of surprises and multiple functions. Pull out counterspace is a handy option to expand the counter. You can use it when needing to chop vegetables or prepare multiple dishes. It can then collapse it right back into the countertop opening up your space once again.

For the seasoned chef, a built-in butcher block is a very convenient feature and adds additional visual appeal to your countertop. Even more innovative are invisible induction cooktops. The latest in induction technology, the invisible cooktops allow for a clean, sleek look in the kitchen with the added benefit of safer and more energy-efficient cooking.


A modern-day butler’s pantry may not include an actual butler, but it could be a great option for your kitchen storage needs. Butler’s pantries are typically small closets or spaces just outside of the kitchen that can be used to store your less-frequently used items and offer a prep area when entertaining guests.

For smaller objects in the kitchen, such as spice bottles or utensils, consider adding narrow cabinets. You can build these in to your current cabinet space or built freestanding units placed inconspicuously against existing cabinets, an unused corner, or even against the refrigerator.

Final Thoughts

Not everything is as it seems in the kitchen nowadays. From hidden features to repurposing space to be used to its fullest potential, your next kitchen remodel is the perfect opportunity to get creative with the space and maybe even adopt new technology to bring more convenience into your life. Call the kitchen remodeling experts at All Star Construction, Inc. 281-847-0294. We’ll help you make your dreams a reality!