Kitchen Countertops: Your Top 6 Material Choices!

You’re creating your to-do list for your kitchen remodel, and you know exactly which cabinets, flooring, and colors will bring your vision for your dream kitchen to life. But one very important decision may have been left off your list. Your kitchen countertops! While you may have thought it would be easiest to default to the old standard granite countertops, and the hardest part would be picking a color, the more important decision you should start with is the material itself.  We want to help you make more informed choices during your kitchen remodel.

So, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of the most popular materials for your kitchen countertops.


1. Laminate

Let’s start with one of the most affordable options you’ll find in kitchen countertops: laminate. While it’s not necessarily viewed as a high-end or glamorous material, the color and pattern options are tremendous and may help you achieve the exact look you’ve been wanting in your kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

2. Granite

Granite kitchen countertops have been the standard in kitchen remodels for years. However, its porous nature does not make it the lowest maintenance option. Its weight and durability are major pros for choosing this material, as well as the value it adds to your home. However, in addition to needing periodic sealing, it can also be a more expensive option, especially when in slab form.

3. Quartz

Quickly becoming the most popular choice among builders and homeowners, quartz is a manmade material that offers a wide variety of colors and styles. One the greatest benefits of quartz countertops? They’re low maintenance! You will not need to seal your quartz countertop, and you won’t see nearly as many scratches or wear-and-tear that you’ll see in natural stone materials.

4. Quartzite

Unlike quartz, quartzite is a naturally occurring rock. You also won’t find as many color options as you can with quartz, but it is actually harder than quartz and can withstand heat better. However, you will need to seal your quartzite kitchen countertops on occasion.

5. Marble

Natural stone is often in high demand, and the unique pattern variations in marble make it very appealing. Marble countertops are certainly eye-catching, but like granite, they are very soft and porous. This means it is prone to scratches and you will need regular sealing.

6. Limestone

We added limestone kitchen countertops to this list because of a very unique quality found in some limestone: fossils. This material is also popular due to its thickness and hammered or chiseled edges. Overall, limestone countertops will certainly be a major showpiece in your home, but expect a hefty price tag to come along with it.

Final Thoughts


Your kitchen remodel is full of possibilities and loaded with decisions you’ll have to make throughout the process. Do your research now on the best materials to fit your needs. Your countertops are the most touched and utilized surfaces in your kitchen, so be sure to choose a countertop material that will keep up with all of the action your newly remodeled kitchen will see. Our team at All Star Construction, Inc are your kitchen remodel experts in Houston! We’ll help you choose the right materials to make your kitchen dream a reality. Call 281-847-0294 today.