Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodel Ideas

You spent countless hours picking out the right wallpaper, rug, shelves, and changing table for your baby’s nursery. But you may not have stopped to process the thought that, in just a few short years, you’d be trading in that adorable diaper dispenser for a training toilet and bathroom cabinet locks for a kid’s bathroom.

Now that your little one is ready to take on the grownup bathroom, it’s the perfect time to consider a kid’s bathroom remodel. To ensure safety, convenience, and style, check out these kid-friendly bathroom remodel ideas that your whole family will love.

Bathroom remodels are not just for adults!


kid's bathroom remodel

Safety First

First and foremost, your child’s safety is the top priority when it comes to the bathroom. Therefore, there are several features and accessories to consider as part of your remodel.

Non-Slip Surfaces

When choosing tile, be sure to test whether it will be too slippery when wet. Textured tile surfaces are the best option to ensure grip and avoid falls. Larger tiles are also a great idea due to less grout needing to be cleaned! In the tub, you can include no-slip strips along the bottom. Grip bars add extra stability when getting in and out of the tub or shower.


Keep all the kids bathroom necessities within easy reach. Keep bars and hooks low where kids can easily hang their towels. Do not store potentially dangerous items such as medicine above the toilet or counter, which kids can climb on to access, unless you have locks in place.


Install an anti-scalding device to ensure moderate water temperatures. A single lever faucet handle makes it easier for small hands to use. Then be sure to cover the bath spout with a rubber cover to avoid bumps and bruises during bath time.


Outfit the children’s bathroom with features that will function as they grow, which will make your investment last longer and reduce the need for repeated remodels over the years.

Counter Height

Rather than lowering the vanity, which they will soon outgrow, consider adding a lift-out step build into your bottom vanity drawer.


A more cost-efficient option is to choose a toilet that includes a child’s seat that folds up and down. This can be removed after a couple of years as the child grows.


To make entering the bath easier for shorter legs, consider a tub with a graduated step down to the basin. A small seat in the tub or shower will also serve to keep your child safe and discourage jumping.


A safe, functional bathroom does not mean boring. Adding a personal touch and even an entire theme to your kid’s bathroom remodel will add a little extra encouragement to keep up their regular hygiene habits.


As you choose a textured tile for practical safety reasons, you can also be sure that it adds some personality to the bathroom as well. A combination of colors can add brightness and fun, or a wood look tile is a fun and gender-neutral option than transitions well into adulthood.


Colorful backsplashes and wall decals add a major pop of fun to your kids’ bathroom remodel. Tile mosaics in the shower also make a big statement. For less permanent options, you can frame some of your children’s artwork and hang on the bathroom walls or place a whimsical border around the vanity mirror.


As you choose a wall color that will continue to work as your child’s taste evolves, be sure to add some small touches, such as themed towels, shower curtain, toothbrush holder, and floormat to add some personal style. We don’t anticipate the demand for a Minecraft bathroom theme will wane any time soon.

Final Thoughts
It’s never too soon to start thinking about preparing and updating your child’s bathroom. Looking for more inspiration? Call All Star Construction, Inc, your bathroom remodeling contractor in Houston, TX. Our experts will be able to provide tips on the latest safety features, and will help you create a bathroom you and your kid will love.