Houston Home Makeovers

Tired of the lackluster appearance of your home no longer bringing you joy, and you’re thinking about putting it on the market? Before you go through the hassle of the buying and selling process, look for the potential you may not even realize is possible. An exterior remodel can make your current house your dream home!

Take a look at two of our favorite Houston Home Makeovers!


This home has a beautiful backdrop of trees, but the ranch-style façade was a little outdated. A major exterior renovation was needed to transform this house into a modern rustic home that is worthy of HGTV.

Replacing Siding

While classic brick siding never goes out of style, this homeowner wanted a completely different look for their home. The brick was replaced with beautiful Spanish-style stones that make this home look like it could be in the Texas Hill Country.

Updating Windows

This home still had the original windows, which were generating high energy bills and dating the house. Replacement windows improved the energy efficiency of the house and instantly added a sleeker look to the exterior. The window casings were given new siding and a coat of brown paint to complement the siding materials and add dimension to the front of the house.

Garage Door

Instead of a plain white garage door, this home makes a statement with a wooden carriage-style door. A new garage door is often overlooked and can make a massive difference in the exterior of your home.


Home makeovers don’t always have to be flashy. This bungalow home gets a modern makeover that is simple yet eye-catching.

Garage Conversion

For this home, the carport was converted into a garage. The garage conversion makes the home appear larger and more modern. Converting a carport into a garage adds much needed storage space and better security your belongings.

Changing up the Color

The brick and outdated wood siding were removed and replaced with a more attractive vinyl paneling. Vinyl siding is energy efficient, low maintenance, and virtually weatherproof!  A fresh coat of paint is the finishing touch to an impressive exterior remodel.

Entryway Additions

The front patio received a simple yet effective update by replacing the wrought-iron porch trim with an elegant white column. Adding columns and corbels to your home is a great way to add interest to your entryway. It is the finishing touches like these that elevate the overall style of your home.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering a home makeover of your own, give All Star Construction a call today at 281-847-0294. At All Star, we handle both design and build to ensure your home is in the best hands possible, every step of the way.