Home Addition: To Build Up or Build Out? That is the Question

A home addition will add value and square footage to your home!

Have you grown tired of the floorplan of your current home or do you just want more space? If you’re a homeowner who is considering building a home addition, the question is: should you build up or build out? In other words, should you add a second story or build a ground-floor addition?

home addition construction

Consulting a design/build contractor, such as All Star Construction, can help you decide whether building up or building out is more advantageous based on the size and shape of your property. Each situation is unique. But, whatever type of home addition you decide, your contractor can assist in designing and building an addition to your home that adds value, space, and appeal.


If you have a one story house on a small lot, adding a second story addition would be beneficial. Generally, a second story addition affects more of your current home than a ground floor addition. In addition, building up allows you to keep your yard space. This can be used for other projects such as sheds, gardens, pools, or spas. Also, by stacking your living space upwards, you add substantial square footage to your home without adding extra costs for roofing materials.

Building on top of your current house can require foundation work added to existing walls. Your contractor may have to retrofit the structure, including the foundation to ensure it’s strong enough to support a second story. However, most homeowners prefer to build over the garage due to its stability and durability. The garage is usually built on a slab, which can bear the weight of a second story.


If space allows, building out by adding a ground floor addition is probably the simplest solution since most room additions occur on the first floor. However, this is often more expensive as it requires constructing additional foundation and excavation work.

Beneficially, if you or someone you love has physical limitations, building out may be the best choice for you. Eliminating stairs will lower risks of falls and will allow them to live more independently. Also, single story homes allow you to create a design that permits a greater variety of ceiling styles and heights. First floor vaulted or cathedral ceilings, or even sky s, add character, charm, and elegance, to any room.

A home addition is the perfect way to transform your home and give your family the much-needed space they need to live more comfortably. Do you have home addition plans, but are not sure where to start? All Star Construction can help add square footage to your home.  We can also help you choose which style is right for you and your family.
No matter if you choose to build up or build out, contact All Star Construction for a free in-home estimate.