Here’s How to Add Instant Value to Your Home

Many home improvement projects enhance your family’s quality of life and add instant value to your home. The sooner you begin these projects, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits and updates. When it comes to selling your home, it can be the little things that give you the most return on investment. So, where do you start to increase value and get your home ready for sale?

home remodeling - add instant value

Here are a few remodeling projects to increase your home’s value:

Kitchen Remodel

Most homeowners consider the kitchen to be the hub and heart of their home. It’s the place where most of the activities and socialization happen. It’s also one of the rooms that gives you the greatest return on investment. Upgrading countertops, floors, fixtures, and even the floorplan can change the look of your kitchen while adding value to your home. In addition, replacing old with energy-efficient is not only better for the environment, but also uses less energy—thus saving you money. This is a great amenity for potential buyers.

Bathroom Addition/Bathroom Remodel

One way to recoup a large portion of your investment is by adding another bathroom. If you’re not sure where to add it, look at extra rooms, underutilized spaces, closets, or under the stairs. Potential homeowners often look for homes that have more than one bathroom. Any project that gives you extra living space will add instant value to your home.

If you do not have space to add an extra bathroom, a bathroom remodel is another great option. Besides the kitchen, the bathroom is another room that increases your home’s value. Adding a stand-alone shower, updating countertops and flooring, and changing fixtures and hardware are just a few simple ways to give your bathroom an instant makeover.

Update windows

Nowadays, homeowners shop specifically for homes that are energy efficient. Installing energy-efficient windows improves the aesthetics of your home, while also being a valuable asset. It also helps to lower heating and cooling bills and reduce noise inside your home. Sky s are another great amenity that allows natural into your home, especially when used in spaces that lack windows.

Update Siding

In addition to energy efficient and windows, choosing the right siding for your home can help lower your utility bills. One of the most popular types is vinyl siding due to its stability and durability. All Star Construction, a design/build company, provides expertise in vinyl siding in Houston.

Home Addition/Conversion

Building home additions in Houston or converting an unused room into extra living space is one of the top ways to add instant value to your home. Transforming an attached garage, converting a basement, or finishing an unfinished attic will give your family the additional space it needs. Many homeowners add a mother-in-law suite over their garage, so they can house guests or rent it out for additional income. Moreover, versatile rooms appeal to potential homebuyers.

Deck Addition

Adding a deck or covered patio to your home also increases its value. Homeowners desire outdoor living spaces, especially if they want to use their home for a staycation. Making your backyard more appealing will undoubtedly attract more prospective buyers.


There are many home improvement projects that can add instant value to your home. Focus on smaller projects, such as remodeling, that will make your home more desirable to potential buyers. Energy-efficient upgrades add comfort and character to your home, while saving you money in the long run.

If you’re looking for a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel in Houston, contact All Star Construction. With almost 40 years of remodeling expertise, we value customer satisfaction above all else. Also known as a top window installer in Houston and its surrounding areas, we offer a Project Manager that will be with you from start to finish for every project we do.

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