The Heat is On! How to Save on Your Cooling Bills This Summer

Electricity is important to the U.S. economy and in everyday life. People use electricity for a variety of reasons—including operating , computers, refrigeration, heating, cooling, and . Summer is around the corner and with the scorching Texas heat and humidity approaching, homeowners regularly see their electricity bills skyrocket. As a result, cooling costs can account for a large portion of your electricity bill.

save on your cooling bills - graph

Consequently, homeowners are seeking energy efficient solutions. So, how can you save on your cooling bills this summer?

1. Install a programmable thermostat

Many homeowners choose to install a programmable thermostat, which allows you to adjust the temperature to your own comfort level. You can also program it to increase the temperature when you are asleep or away from your home. This could help you save on your cooling bills by as much as 10%.

2. Maintain your heating and cooling systems

Replacing your windows alone may not reduce your cooling costs. Even if you have a programmable thermostat and an energy-efficient cooling system, cooling cost savings are minimal if you do not properly maintain your air conditioner. Be sure to have your system checked annually to ensure its productivity.

3. Avoid generating too much heat during the day

If the temperature outside is greater than the temperature inside your home, reduce the amount of activities that generate a lot of heat. Try to avoid using the dishwasher, clothes dryer, or stovetop until the sun goes down. Or, at least, wait until later in the evening when the temperature is cooler. This will help reduce your energy consumption.

4. Insulate your attics and walls

In addition to inefficient windows, attics and walls can leak air as well. Insulating your home is one of the easiest ways to help save on your cooling bills and increase energy efficiency. Many older homes are not well insulated, so this is definitely worth the investment.

5. Close curtains and blinds

Some homeowners might not consider this, but simply closing your curtains, blinds, or other window treatments can help decrease cooling costs. You should also hang your shades close to window panes to reduce the impact of outdoor heat.

6. Use a circulating

Although a does not cool a room on its own, it can make you feel a few degrees cooler. In addition, combining a circulating , such as a ceiling , with an air conditioner will efficiently disperse the cooled air.

7. Replace your existing windows to improve efficiency

save on your cooling bills - energy efficient windows

If you have an older home, your windows are probably not energy efficient. Replacing your current windows with new “ENERGY STAR” certified windows can keep hot air from leaking into your home, thus cutting the costs of cooling your home. Energy efficient windows are critical for older and newer homes. Heat loss and gain through inefficient windows are responsible for approximately 25% of home energy usage. Additionally, air conditioning costs homeowners billions of dollars per year.

If you grew up in the Texas heat and are familiar with heat advisories, piping hot steering wheels, resorting to swimming in public fountains to cool off, suffocating on the steamy Texas humidity, and getting a temperature alert on your phone because it’s overheated, you know the affect the weather has on you and your home. If you want to lower your cooling bills, contact All Star Construction, one of the leading window installers in Houston. They can help you start saving money.