How to Get Your Kitchen Ready to Entertain

It’s party time! With cooler weather on its way and the holiday season upon us, your kitchen is starting to see more action than it has all year. Whether you’re planning a Halloween party or mapping out how to tackle this year’s Thanksgiving feast, a kitchen remodel may need to make its way onto your to-do list. When it comes to hosting guests, your kitchen is the central nervous system of your home where people gather, converse, drink and eat. Here are a few ideas for your kitchen remodeling checklist that will make your space ideal for entertaining.

kitchen remodeling for the holidays


Time to show off your kitchen remodeling!


Island Bar

When your guests arrive, the first place they tend to gather is around the kitchen island. With snacks and drinks set out, this keeps your guests away from working counter and cooking areas, but close enough for conversation, so you can more easily move around your space to act as both chef and social host. An open layout with designated areas for guests to sip and socialize makes great use of the square footage in your kitchen.

Double Oven

When preparing for a large dinner party, imagine the time you will save by being able to cook the turkey and the pie at the same time! When thinking about a kitchen remodel, make sure you carve out space for a double oven. Even beyond preparing for parties, the double oven will transform your entire cooking experience as you are able to prepare several dishes at once, saving you time during your daily dinner prep.

Custom Drink Station

A classic wine rack, under-counter refrigerator, and open shelves for glasses and drink fixings provide another interesting focal point and gathering spot for guests to mingle and serve themselves as they await the main course. You can also use this area to act as a private bartender at your party.

Hidden Storage

The trash can be an eyesore in your kitchen, but you can keep it hidden and free up more space by building a pull-out trash storage to you island or counter. You can also create small, narrow vertical drawers between your cabinets or even below them that can store your spices and utensils—your guests won’t even be able to spot them!

Final Thoughts
A kitchen remodel will not only add great value to your home, but will also elevate your parties and gatherings, making you love your job as host even more. All Star Construction, Inc, is your kitchen remodeling contractor in Houston, TX. Call 281-847-0294 today to begin planning your dream kitchen!