How to Design an ADA Compliant Bathroom

Check out these ADA compliant bathroom features!

Do you have a loved one who is disabled, has mobility impairments, or is aging? Are you planning to renovate your home to accommodate you and your family in your golden years? Whatever the case, it’s important to make your home safe and comfortable, and it starts in your bathroom. Your home is not required to have an ADA compliant bathroom; however, there are many benefits to having one. 

ADA compliant bathroom with bench

The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms to alter to meet the needs of those with disabilities. Adding safety features and modifying the bathroom to make it more accessible not only helps your loved ones, but it can also add value to your home. When designing a bathroom to meet ADA requirements, it can be overwhelming and daunting. Trying to understand the Americans with Disabilities Act and the requirements to make your bathroom compliant can be challenging.

You need a bathroom remodeling expert like All Star Construction, Inc to help design your ADA compliant bathroom. Our services consist of designing and remodeling exterior and interior spaces. They also include retrofitting bathroom features and accessories to ensure ADA accessibility.

For those with impaired mobility, bathing is a daily challenge. So, although it’s not necessary, it’s important to meet the ADA standards during a home bathroom remodeling. It helps to ensure that the bathroom is accessible to those with physical limitations or in wheelchairs. Also, more potential homebuyers are seeking homes that are ADA compliant, either for themselves or for aging loved ones.

Whether you need an entirely renovated bathroom or just a few accessories to bring your existing bathroom up to ADA standards, All Star Construction installs a full array of ADA bathroom remodeling products. In addition, your bathroom space may need to be expanded to accommodate accessibility. This may require reshaping the bathroom, door, and hallways to create a larger bathroom. With All Star Construction’s 40 years of general contracting and remodeling experience, we know how to do the job correctly the first time.

So, what do you need in order to design the perfect ADA compliant bathroom?


Stylish safety features can be added to your bathroom to accommodate those with disabilities. Also, you can choose from a selection of ADA compliant shower seats, grab bars, mirrors, non-slip surfaces, and special shower heads.


Doors can be widened for wheelchair accessibility. This includes removing the existing door, widening the door frame, installing a new door unit, and relocating switches for convenience.


The design/build team at All Star Construction can create low-threshold walk-in showers, as well as zero-threshold roll-in showers, for easy accessibility. We can even customize it to fit your style, preferences, and décor.


A pedestal sink can be the perfect ADA compliant bathroom sink. It allows easy access for a wheelchair. Also, a wall-mounted lavatory is a nice accommodation to any ADA compliant bathroom.


We can replace your current toilet with a special ADA compliant bathroom toilet. Additionally, installing toilet grab bars will help with support and balance when moving from a wheelchair.


Depending on your specific needs, we can install a roll-in shower or an ADA compliant tub with grab bars for your safety.


A specialty ADA compliant bathroom vanity does not have to be mediocre.  Finding the right customized vanity can add beauty, class, and luxury to any bathroom décor.

Final thoughts
By choosing All Star Construction, Inc to design your ADA bathroom, you get much more than safety-approved bathroom products. You also get the support, expertise, and experience of a company that has an A+ Accreditation Rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our full design team is honest, trustworthy, and integrity-driven. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and how we can help design your ADA compliant bathroom.