Defining a Kitchen Style: The Transitional Kitchen

When dreaming about your future kitchen, you may begin to feel overwhelmed with the amount of style options, such as the transitional kitchen, to choose from. You may think that you have to choose one specific style, even if that means making sacrifices and giving up some pieces that you think may not follow the rules of the kitchen style you’ve chosen. However, you can and should have everything that you want in a kitchen. There’s a style for that!


Here’s what you need to know about the transitional kitchen and why it may be the style that fits all of your kitchen remodel needs!


What is a Transitional Kitchen?


There’s no official definition of a transitional kitchen. Overall, it is a blend between traditional and modern styles. It’s also a style that allows you to break the rules! This kitchen lets you have an eclectic mix of details and a good amount of creativity. You can find the perfect combination of warmth and simplicity, keeping an element of familiarity along with the novelty of your kitchen remodel.

What Are the Indicators of Transitional Design


There are several indicators of a transitional design. Neutral colors tend to act as the foundation of the kitchen, while embellishments, textures, and mixed materials elevate the design. Another sign of a transitional kitchen is a seamless transition between the living room or other surrounding rooms with the kitchen.

Is a Transitional Kitchen Right for You?


If you appreciate the clean lines and simplicity of contemporary kitchens but crave the warm and inviting nature of classic styles, the transitional kitchen is the perfect option for you. Can’t make up your mind on a kitchen color scheme for your remodel? This type of kitchen doesn’t make you choose. Need to maximize work space and functionality but don’t want to tone down the fun and creativity? This kitchen design lets you make up your own rules.

Final Thoughts

By rejecting trends and fads, your transitional kitchen more closely reflects your personality and overall vibe of your entire home. Since a transitional kitchen also means that it can easily evolve, this style helps increase the appeal and resale value of your home. Call the kitchen remodeling experts at All Star Construction, Inc. 281-847-0294.