Creative Bathroom Storage Options

Frustrated with the lack of space in your bathroom? Believe that there is no way to add more storage and that you’ve maxed out every nook and cranny? Thinking about a remodel but not sure there’s much more you can do with your square footage?

When considering a remodel for your bathroom, think beyond the color scheme and appliance selection. Take the opportunity to consider a design that also maximizes your bathroom storage space. Organized storage is possible no matter how small your bathroom is!

Check out these storage solutions!

bathroom storage cabinets


If adding square footage is not a possibility for your bathroom, get the most out of your current space with built-in storage cubbies. Install a cabinet above or near the sink that is open on one side for additional shelving, or even carve out a small niche in the mirror itself to install a shallow shelving unit.

Recessed units can also add nice focal points for your bathroom, whether built behind a bathtub or directly into a blank wall. If you don’t want your bathroom wall cabinets exposed, consider building them behind a large full-length mirror in the style of a hinged medicine cabinet.

An underutilized space you may not have thought about? Above the bathroom door! A small shelf above the door can store items such as extra toilet paper rolls and bath towels.

Uncommon Objects

Armoires are not just for the bedroom. If space allows, a bathroom armoire can be a beautiful feature of your remodel that can elegantly store towels and other necessities.

Can never find a spot to hang your wet towels? A small, painted wooden ladder leaning against the bathroom wall is perfect for keeping wet towels off the floor, and it doesn’t take up more than a few inches.

Maximized Space

Fell in love with a pedestal sink but now missing the convenient storage of cabinets? Consider either built-in shelves in the wall beneath the sink or purchase a couple of wicker baskets to serve in place of cabinets. There are also wrap-around cabinets built specifically for pedestal sinks.

Not everything needs to be placed on a shelf. Add a series of pegs or hooks under your shelves or along the wall to hang towels, hair dryer, or even small buckets/containers on a string containing your toiletries. Within your shower, install a second tension rod to hang items such as loofas, caddies, and wet wash cloths.

Final Thoughts
Whether you are desperate to declutter or hoping to streamline your morning routine, you have plenty of bathroom storage and organization options to consider during a remodel. Call All Star Construction, Inc, your bathroom remodeling contractor in Houston. Our experts specialize in bathroom designs and can help you maximize your space in style. Call 281-847-0294 today to get the most out of your bathroom!