Creating a Breakfast Nook

The kitchen tends to be thought of primarily as an entertaining space. However, chances are that the majority of your time in the kitchen is spent just cooking or relaxing.

When planning your next kitchen remodel, keep in mind the benefits of a breakfast nook—a place to spend some quality quiet time!



You may already have a spot in mind for your breakfast nook or you may be considering a bump-out addition to make a new space. Either way, you’ll want to keep a few location-specific thoughts in mind. Make sure you have easy access to the kitchen, but will not be in a spot that is difficult to navigate around. The last thing you want for your relaxing retreat is to be in the middle of a high traffic area.

ing is also key for your nook. Natural is ideal, so the closer to a window, the better. However, if natural isn’t an option, just be sure to set up ambient with a chandelier or sconce fixtures. Overhead and task should be avoided.



While a dining room can be more formal or even stuffy, your breakfast nook should be warm and welcoming. This should be a space that you can roll out of bed, grab a mug of coffee, and watch the sunrise in your pajamas. But don’t be afraid to go bold. Your nook should be an oasis where rules don’t have to apply. So if you’ve wanted to try out some new design ideas, this is your place to experiment!

On the more practical side, you’ll need to choose a table that fits well in the space but doesn’t overwhelm it. You won’t need room for a full Thanksgiving spread, but just enough space for cups, small plates, and a few decorative elements.

If space allows, adding a bench to your setup amps up the cozy factor of any breakfast nook. You can add several throw pillows and even a blanket. You’ll also want to have a couple of chairs around the table, plus small pieces of furniture to showcase framed photos, candles, or any knickknacks that put your personal touch on the space.


You may be concerned that adding a breakfast nook will cut into prime kitchen storage space. However, your nook can serve multiple purposes—including serving as a front for some handy hidden storage.

Storage benches are the perfect solution to add comfort as well as hidden storage. This could be the spot you keep extra reading material, kids’ toys, or even pots and pans that have outgrown the cabinets.

In addition to adding style and charm, free-standing or mounted shelves are the perfect addition to your breakfast nook.

Final Thoughts

You deserve a spot where you can step away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and just relax. Let your kitchen take all the spot while you enjoy time in your new breakfast nook. Our kitchen remodeling experts at All Star Construction, Inc. will help you carve out your own little retreat. Call us at 281-847-0294.