A Covered Patio – Your New Backyard Retreat!!

Make your covered patio your new oasis!

Spring weather will be here before you know it. Once you’ve made it through the cold winter months, you’ll envision yourself relaxing in your backyard retreat under your covered patio.
If you want to make your vision a reality, All Star Construction, Inc is just the company to build your new covered patio that reflects your tastes and personality. Not only are covered patios one of the best ways to add value to your home, they also provide the perfect area to keep you dry during the rainy season and cool during the summer months. They are also the perfect space to entertain your family and friends with an outdoor atmosphere, without being outside. And more importantly, covered patios protect your outdoor furniture from the elements.

covered patio with fireplace, patio furniture, and


A covered patio is outdoor living designed to fit your backyard oasis. Your new outdoor living area will provide extra space for you and your family to enjoy. And to complete your backyard retreat, add a custom fireplace or firepit to keep you warm all season long. Fireplaces and firepits are inviting, relaxing, and a great way to enhance your landscape and provide warmth while entertaining. If you want to get inspired, check out this site to give you outdoor fireplace ideas: (


One of the most exciting elements of having an outdoor covered patio is the design. Use the same rules of design and you would for your interior. Be sure to scale your furniture to fit the dimensions of the patio. Choose similar colors, materials, accents, and patterns to create a palette for your patio.


You can make your covered patio a welcoming and inviting spot by the aesthetic of your choices of furniture. In order to get the most out of your patio space, maximize the flexibility of the space. Choose seating that can adapt to large and small crowds. For even more space, select benches or seating that convert to storage.

outdoor patio furniture under covered patio



Details and accessories are always important when tying together your covered patio area. If possible, you can build-in certain items such as ceiling , recessed , or ceiling heaters to make the space more livable. If building in items are not an option, you can add mirrors, sculptures, and outdoor rugs to add definition to your outdoor area. Although most covered patios include closed ceilings, adding sky s can draw in natural .


Outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more like indoor areas. Since people are using their covered patio year-round, technology is playing a large part to make it more comfortable and functional. Technology such as flat screen televisions and wireless speakers are widespread and allow you to spend more time entertaining your family and friends outdoors.


At All Star Construction, Inc, we use highly qualified contractors to construct top quality covered patios. Our expertise allows to design and build unique outdoor covered patios that blend seamlessly with your home while adding value to your property. Call us today and schedule a free consultation with one of our design/build contractors.