Check Out These Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas!

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Just because your bathroom may be small, it doesn’t mean it can’t have style, personality, and pizzazz. Although small bathrooms may seem like a challenging design task, they can be functional and practical, while still being beautiful and luxurious. Every small bathroom design element should have a purpose in order to create a space-saving oasis. Bathroom remodeling is the key!

But, no matter the size of the bathroom, when it ages, it begins to deteriorate. So, what can you do to renovate your small bathroom?

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Since flooring is priced by the square foot, replacing the floor in a small bathroom is beneficial and cost effective. Bathroom flooring requires highly durable material. Not only is it a high-traffic area, but it can have moisture issues as well. Porcelain tile, laminate, or vinyl flooring are the best flooring options for bathrooms.


Mirrors can make any room look bigger. While it can give the illusion of extra space, be sure not to go overboard! Too many mirrors can actually make your small bathroom look even smaller.


Painting your bathroom with or neutral colors gives the impression of having a larger bathroom. Dark colors make any room seem smaller than it actually is.


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If you want to make your shower the focal point of your small bathroom, use natural stone such as onyx or marble. This will help neutralize and beautify the look of your shower. Also, replacing a cramped smaller tub with a standing, spacious shower will give you more room.


Small bathrooms usually lack adequate storage space. Designing custom cabinetry will give you the storage you need while freeing up more room in your bathroom.


ing is another way to make smaller bathrooms appear larger. It can create the illusion of bigger spaces. Be careful not to go too big with large fixtures, as they can make your bathroom look even smaller.


Windows in a small bathroom can be quite a design dilemma. There aren’t many options regarding the size or location of the windows. This is especially true if the bathroom is an interior bathroom. For bathrooms that have windows, overhead can be unflattering and minimizing. Natural , on the other hand, is optimal for personal grooming, yet you still want privacy. ing designs such as sky s, textured glass, transom windows, glass block windows, and hopper windows are all great options for small bathrooms.

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So, what do you do if you have a small bathroom and want to renovate? Contact All Star Construction, Inc, your local bathroom remodel contractor. We are experts in all types of bathroom remodeling projects. With almost four decades of remodeling experience, we can give your bathroom design a boost with inspirational bathroom remodeling ideas. Call us today so we can help give your small bathroom a makeover.