Bold Bathroom Tile Trends

Are you looking to make a dramatic change to your bathroom that will have your family and friends jealous with envy? If you’re in the market for an upgraded bathroom design, we just might have what you’re looking for! One of the latest trends in bathroom design is using bold tiles for the floor, wall, shower, or even backsplash.

Installing subway tiles is a classic bathroom trend that adds personality and flair to your home. However, for a more updated look, try bolder bathroom tiles to add pizzazz to your outdated bathroom. Tiles come in a variety of colors, imaginative shapes, extensive patterns, and inventive designs. What better room to test your design skills than in the bathroom, one of the smallest rooms in your home. These bold tile designs will definitely set you apart as the neighborhood bathroom trendsetter!



“A subtle amount of texture attracts the eye.” – Clyde Aspevig, Artist

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Natural stone bathroom tiles add character to any bathroom. They come in a variety of materials, each with exceptional characteristics and properties. There are four types of natural stone tiles that are most often found in bathrooms. These types include limestone, slate, sandstone, and granite.



Due to the amount of water in the bathroom, wood is not your typical floor choice. However, there are tiles that resemble wood that create the perfect smooth and comfortable texture that is conducive to water.



One of the most popular trends in 2017 is the use of concrete-looking porcelain tiles. They give your bathroom a continuous contemporary look, without seams or grout lines. The versatility of these tiles allows them to be used horizontally or vertically, and are a great option for countertop surfaces.


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“Mere color can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” – Oscar Wilde, Poet

Black and White

Yes, these colors are basic, yet classic. They can stand alone or provide the framework for your vivid color bathroom accents. Black and white colors are also versatile. They can make your bathroom look traditional or even modern, depending on the style, design, and placement of your tiles.



Two of the hottest bathroom tile color trends are Ombre and monochrome. This trend involves selecting one specific color, along with shade variations of that color. Luckily this design is classic and never goes out of style.



Bold tiles are perfect to use for accents in your upgraded bathroom. They can be used for backsplashes, an accent wall, or even as a mosaic around your tub.


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Who doesn’t love the graphics tile look? From Pinterest boards to magazine pages, beautifully designed graphic tiles are all the rage. Adding tiles with geometric shapes to your bathroom gives it the perfect modern touch with a traditional flair. You can also add contrasting grout to make an even bolder statement.



Mosaic tiles are trendy in any room of your home. However, your bathroom tiles don’t have to be bright, colorful, or majestic to gain attention. Classic mosaic designs can add elegance, style, and sophistication to your bathroom. Best of all, most mosaics are customizable, allowing you to create your own unique bathroom.


If you need a bathroom upgrade, let All Star Construction, Inc take care of the work. We can create, design, and build your dream bathroom. So, go ahead…go big…go bold!! You have nothing to lose.