The Benefits of Adding a Second Story to Your Home

Are you living in a one-story home and want to expand your square footage? Do you want to keep your outdoor space? When your home feels cramped, and you have the option of building up, adding a second story to your existing home is a great option. It’s one of the most popular trends in home remodeling, and a brilliant way to use your current home structure to create more livable space.

Here are the top 5 benefits of adding a second story to your home:

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You Can Redesign Your Home

When designing your new space, make the floor plan fit the needs and comfort of your family. This is also the perfect chance to make changes to the first floor while designing your second floor. While your contractors are adding your second floor, you may be able to change your first floor exterior, windows and other structures since the second story needs to match the features of your home’s exterior. Do you want a spiral staircase or higher ceiling? The second floor addition provides you with that opportunity.

You Create Extra Living Space

One of the primary benefits of adding a second floor is the extra space it provides. Perhaps your family is growing, and you want to use the additional living space for more bathrooms and bedrooms. You can also personalize the living space by adding a playroom, game room, movie theater, or gym.

You Add Value to Your Home

Any type of home remodeling will more than likely add value to your home. Additionally, if you plan to sell your home in the future, a second story will increase your home’s value since the price is often calculated based on the amount of livable square footage. Your contractor will assist you in making the changes that can give you the best return on your investment.

You Won’t Lose Yard Space

Adding to your home by building a second story allows you keep your outdoor living space. Also, if you live on a small lot, you won’t have a lot of space to build onto the ground floor. Adding a second story gives you the space you need without sacrificing your yard area.

You Can Stay Put

Having a growing family and needing more space is one of the main reasons homeowners move. By building a second story to your existing floor plan, you can remain in your home while getting the extra living space you need. This is especially relevant if you’re already living in a convenient location, with a school system you prefer, a neighborhood you like, and an acceptable commute to work.

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So, if you want to increase your living space by adding a second story to your home, contact All Star Construction. We specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, extensions, room additions, and other services. We will help you turns the dreams you have for your home into reality.