3 Essential Steps to Winterize Your Home

Take Care of Your Home During the Winter Months!

For those who live in the North, it’s second nature to ensure that you winterize your home during the harsh winter conditions. Even if you live in the South, it’s no secret that the cold weather has finally arrived! Winter means it’s time to winterize your home and protect it from the elements for the next few frigid months.

Winterizing your home “is the process of preparing a home for the harsh conditions of winter. It is usually performed in the fall before snow and excessive cold have arrived. Winterization protects against damage due to bursting water pipes, and from heat loss due to openings in the building envelope.” (

Proper winterization is imperative for any home that will face against the winter elements.  And even more so for homes that are not occupied during the winter. Vacant and foreclosed homes often have the heat and electricity cut off to save money. However, to prevent disastrous damage to the home during the winter months, you should winterize these homes as well.

To winterize your home, there are certain essential steps to follow to ensure you and your family remain safe and warm during the cold months.

1. Install storm doors

Although this may seem like a simple step, it’s actually one of the most important. Basically, a storm door is “an exterior door that is attached to the outside of your ordinary front door and operates independently of the main front door.” ( Not only do storm doors protect your front door from the elements, they also add home security, add value to your home, and increase energy efficiency. (photo courtesy of

2. Install new windows

Installing new windows increases your home’s value, lowers energy costs, and reduces the amount of work of your heating/cooling systems. It is one of the best home investments you can make. Energy efficient windows keep the extreme weather, whether hot or cold, outside while keeping your home comfortable inside. The benefits of replacement windows far outweigh the cost of the windows and their installation. With the many colors, styles, and designs you can change the look of the exterior of your home while winterizing your home.

3. Replace siding and gutters

There are many benefits to replacing your home’s siding and gutters. Obviously, siding is the first thing people notice about your home, but it also defends against the elements, increasing your home’s thermal efficiency. And if your home is older, it may not even have wall insulation. While replacing siding, this is the perfect time to add proper insulation to the wall and ceiling. An insulated house decreases your need for energy, thereby lowering your energy expenses.

At the same time you’re replacing your home’s siding, changing or installing new rain gutters keeps your home in good working order. Gutters are essential to your home’s foundation and exterior. If your gutters are insufficient, water will not drain properly and will freeze, causing blocked gutters. Once the ice melts, water will make its way into your foundation or roof causing a need for extensive repairs.

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