2018’s Top Trends in Kitchen Remodels and Kitchen Design

We’ve seen many trends in kitchen design come and go over the years, but 2018 has been a solid year for incorporating both style and practicality into the kitchen, and we anticipate these trends to roll over into the next few years to come. From smarter material choices and lower maintenance solutions to better storage and pet-friendly options, we’ve covered a few of our favorite trends.

Check out what’s trending in kitchen remodels!




Open Layouts, Smaller Space

While the kitchen does serve as the central gathering point in your home, that doesn’t necessarily mean that bigger is better. In fact, we’ve been seeing increased demand for reducing the square footage in the kitchen in order to make it more accessible when in use and free up space for other uses. Along with smaller kitchen sizes also comes more compact and better storage.

Even with a smaller space, more people are starting to add windows in their kitchen remodel, allowing for the illusion of more space as well as better illumination of the space. Pairing natural with updated in and under cabinets adds dimension and visual appeal.

Space Saving Hacks

Space is always of the essence. Storage options are becoming more clever. While open shelving is currently in style, it should be used in combination with hidden storage as well.

Kitchen islands are being used to their full potential in terms of space. Islands are now multi-purpose, with cabinets and built in. You can use this area to conceal a trash can and store large pots and pans in deep drawers.

If you have wall space to spare, floor to ceiling cabinets act as a visual backdrop for the kitchen and allows you greater storage space. You can incorporate plenty of pull-outs, dividers, open shelves, and hidden in this storage wall.

Smarter Materials

Quartz countertops reign supreme when it comes to a clean look and less maintenance. These are man-made and are not porous, so they won’t absorb liquid spills or stains and do not need to be sealed.

Wood floors in the kitchen give a classic and cozy feel, but they can be higher maintenance than some people are willing to take on. Tile floors that are made to look like wood are a tremendously attractive alternative and offer low maintenance and worry-free benefits.

High Tech Features


Kitchens are becoming smarter and making our lives easier. The convenience of technology is making its way into kitchen , , and even plumbing. Imagine receiving alerts when your food is nearing expiration or you are running low on an item. Plus, you can program most of these functions with your smart phone, so you can control your kitchen even when you’re on the go.

Induction cooking is also a great way to find efficiencies in the kitchen, producing food faster than the traditional oven. This is a fast and safe alternative, and also has very sleek designs that will seamlessly integrate into your kitchen design. You can even get rid of the large range hood!


We love this trend. When planning your kitchen remodel, keep your furriest family members in mind! You may consider building the kitchen island with a crate for your pup, which will allow them in the room while you cook but keep them out of the way to avoid harm.

Built-ins are also very handy for pet food and water bowls, so you won’t be tripping on them causing spills and clean-up. And if you have the space, a built-in dedicated to a pet’s bed will allow your pet another way to be near you without getting in the way of the hustle and bustle around the kitchen.

Final Thoughts
 Sometimes, trends are more than just fleeting novelties. When a design trend—especially in the kitchen—provides convenience, style, and functionality, we say it’s definitely worth exploring for your next kitchen remodel. Our team at All Star Construction, Inc are your kitchen remodel experts in Houston, and will help you navigate the latest trends and determine the best plan of action for your home. Call 281-847-0294 today!