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Check Out These Tips for Designing an Energy Efficient Bathroom!

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A bathroom remodel is one of the top projects that provides a high return on investment. In addition to being low maintenance and stylish, being energy efficient is a key element in a bathroom that will stand the test of time and add value to your home. Water shortages and high utility bills make energy efficient bathrooms a priority for potential home buyers.

Remembering to switch off the s and turning off the water while you brush your teeth just scratch the surface of efficiency. From to plumbing to flooring, an overhaul of your bathroom can end up saving you big throughout the year! (more…)

Creative Bathroom Storage Options

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Frustrated with the lack of space in your bathroom? Believe that there is no way to add more storage and that you’ve maxed out every nook and cranny? Thinking about a remodel but not sure there’s much more you can do with your square footage?

When considering a remodel for your bathroom, think beyond the color scheme and appliance selection. Take the opportunity to consider a design that also maximizes your bathroom storage space. Organized storage is possible no matter how small your bathroom is! (more…)

Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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You spent countless hours picking out the right wallpaper, rug, shelves, and changing table for your baby’s nursery. But you may not have stopped to process the thought that, in just a few short years, you’d be trading in that adorable diaper dispenser for a training toilet and bathroom cabinet locks for a kid’s bathroom.

Now that your little one is ready to take on the grownup bathroom, it’s the perfect time to consider a kid’s bathroom remodel. To ensure safety, convenience, and style, check out these kid-friendly bathroom remodel ideas that your whole family will love. (more…)

4 Trends that Will Personalize Your Bathroom Remodel

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How much personality can a bathroom really have? The answer is: as much as you’d like! From flooring to cabinets to paint color to toilet covers, almost every element in your bathroom remodel can be selected to fit your taste and personality, even in a small bathroom.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel in the near future, but aren’t feeling very motivated, it’s time to rethink your bathroom’s potential and get excited about the possibilities! There are current remodel trends that you may not have thought about.  They will transform your bathroom into a showroom of your character and style. (more…)

How to Create the Look of a Minimalist Bathroom

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So, you’re planning a bathroom remodel, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. You’re not sure where to begin, but you do know you want your dream bathroom to showcase your interests, style, and personality. Based on aesthetic and functionality, there is a wide variety of colors, sizes, styles, designs, and trends from which to choose.

A minimalist bathroom is the “it” bathroom setting based on its sharp, modern, and clean appearance. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a spacious, sleek, contemporary space that’s natural and neutral.