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What to Do with Your Unused Space in Your Home?!?

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Many homeowners don’t want bigger homes. They want better homes and better use of the space in their homes. The amount of unused space in your home may surprise you. For example, formal living and dining rooms are rarely used. Square footage in laundry rooms, breakfast nooks, under stairs, and in “spare” bedrooms go unused for most of the year. (more…)

Here’s How to Add Instant Value to Your Home

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Many home improvement projects enhance your family’s quality of life and add instant value to your home. The sooner you begin these projects, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits and updates. When it comes to selling your home, it can be the little things that give you the most return on investment. So, where do you start to increase value and get your home ready for sale? (more…)

All Star Construction: 3rd Generation of Remodeling Expertise

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The construction business in Texas is a thriving industry. Houston and its surrounding areas are at the heart of this development. If you Google Map “family-owned construction companies in Houston TX”, All Star Construction, Inc is in the top 7 listings. Their remodeling expertise, longstanding goals, work ethics, and business practices have earned them an unmatched reputation in the construction industry.

Many customers prefer to work with family-based construction companies. They know these types of companies are in it for the long haul. The family is a natural team. In a family business, you can think about something in the morning and begin working on it in the afternoon. When kids grow up in the family business, they gain the knowledge and skills it takes to succeed in business. They see firsthand what it takes to make a business thrive through many trials and tribulations.


Home Additions or Conversions: The Big Debate

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Home additions and conversions both add livable space!

Are you getting the most out of your home? Do you need more space? Do you have unused space? Building a home addition or converting a room into usable space could be the solution you’re looking for.

All Star Construction, Inc. can build an addition to your home or convert that vacant attic into a study, bedroom, playroom, or a game room. Also, your garage can be turned into the family room, workshop, or outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

So, which do you choose? Home additions or conversions?


6 Amazing Benefits of Adding a Mother in Law Suite

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Join the bandwagon and add a mother in law suite!!

Many families face the issue of managing living arrangements and health concerns for their aging loved ones. According to the US Census Bureau, 47.8 million people age 65 and older lived in the United States in 2015. This was almost 15% of the total population. By 2060, it’s expected that the same group will reach over 98 million individuals, or one in four of U.S. residents.

So, what’s the solution? Custom home construction lets us design our homes into what we need. Whether you need space for elderly family members or you just need a get-away, consider the popular option of a home addition.  One of the most common additions is the mother in law suite. This unique home feature can be the perfect alternative for you and your family. (more…)